Sunday, April 20, 2008

One down, 23 to go!

My eleven-miler today capped off week one of training. Didn't feel too much different than any other week lately, other than the fact that it came from a book. Pretty uneventful runs yesterday (4 easy) and today (11). I felt good and ready to ramp up again next week.

Next week DBF will be in town - I'll still be running just probably finding other ways to occupy my time than blogging :) We both love this city and have spent so many hours wandering and eating and drinking through its streets. This week we'll hit all our favorite spots and hopefully find some new ones. And, of course, I'll drag him along on my runs this week - we've spent hours running together through Central Park, too.

Saturday: 4.2 in 36:29 (8:39 min/mile)
Sunday: 10.7 in 1:33:53 (8:47 min/mile)

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Kate said...

I love Erin, yes I do.
I love Erin, how 'bout ME?