Monday, March 2, 2009

Fun with Photoshop.

Last week I finally brought a camera on one of my runs. It was my way of slowing my effort down in an attempt to see if that is why my legs had felt so crappy lately. It had the additional side effect of making me appreciate what is around me. So, the fruits of my labors for you to enjoy:

hmm, the resolution is kind of crappy. Well, nevermind, it's the course overview. Click on it and it gets nice and clear.

A - starting out: the view as I leave the house at sunrise

B- down the street

C- leaving my neighborhood

D, E, F, G- no explanation necessary

H- Har (translation: Mt.) Tayyasim lookout

I, J- coming back down the mountain

K- the views are great but whyyyyyy can't I live at the bottom???

L, M- the home stretch!