Thursday, April 10, 2008


Days like this are what it's all about. I got to run at my favorite time of day (late morning - I'm awake and fed but don't have the weight of a full day on me) at my favorite time of year (spring in NYC is the best, and today was absolutely perfect) and felt amazing. I knew I was pushing the pace a bit - just because the weather put me in such a good mood - but I certainly did not think I was going sub-8. That made the run even better!

The one downside is that I want to play hooky and spend the rest of the day outside. Spring in NYC is just amazing - there is this incredible energy throughout the city that reverberates through me. Everyone is coming out of their winter doldrums and the city just seems alive. I know I will miss spring in NYC when I move.

7.25 miles in 56:20 (7:46 min/mile)

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Cat said...

Great job on the run! Love it when you have such perfect weather that makes a run even sweeter. Good luck this weekend in your 5k!