Monday, June 11, 2007

Stupid Softball

I had a bit of a scare during my softball game on Friday evening. I felt a slight tweak in my knee/hammy during my sprint from first to home (a hella good job, if I do say so myself!). Nothing major, but enough to cause a giant lump in my throat and a giant bruise on my leg. I let my paranoia take over regarding the stiffness in my leg, so I missed my runs this weekend and took it easy on the elliptical before my training session today, and I think I should be back to normal for a run tomorrow. I'll do an easy 4 in the morning, and sort of play the week by ear - maybe do another 4-5 easy on Wednesday, play my scheduled Thursday tempo run by ear, perhaps do an easy run on Friday instead of a rest day, then be good to go for my 5 miles at MP and 10-11 mile long run this weekend.

The odds of me playing in the final 3 games of the season have just gone way down... I just don't think it's worth risking irritating what I did on Friday... priorities...

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