Thursday, June 28, 2007

Holy Humidity!

The air in the Northeast feels like a giant sponge right now! Uff da!

Last night I wasn't feeling brave enough to fit 3 miles in between claps of thunder, so I did 3 easy miles on the TM 3 miles in 27:46 (9:15 mpm)

This morning I headed out to the hill for 4 repeats! It was still incredibly humid, but the rain last night seemed to cut through some of it. And, the hill was thankfully shaded, which made a huge difference. I felt sort of sluggish on my way to the hill (about 1.5 miles) but as soon as I accelerated into the first hill, I felt much better. The hill was tough towards the end, but I sped each one up: 1:18, 1:16, 1:12, 1:11 (taking about 2 mins in between to run back down). My legs felt GREAT on the run back home, but I didn't push it and really tried to cool down (hard when I have to speed up to catch the green lights, but I tried!) 4.0 miles total in 34:16 (8:41 mpm average)

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