Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ani ratza.

I have returned to Manhattan from the land of milk and honey... or should I say, the land of sun and hills. This being my second trip to Israel, at least the terrain and weather wasn't a surprise.

The trip was, in a word, amazing and on top of everything I was able to get a lot of good runs in. There was a tie for my favorite run of the trip:

Har Eitan (Mt. Eitan) is a park just a few minutes' drive from home and a favorite run of R's. There is a difficult 8 km trail loop, which I ended up doing in various repetitions and directions to get in the majority of my miles. I arrived on Friday, and Saturday morning R and I ran this loop together (plus an extra 4 km for me). The reason this one was my favorite? Because I was running with R :)

The Sunday before I left, R had to go to work for a half day, and I had a 12-miler on the schedule. The only trails I knew about from home was a 4-miler and a 6-miler. I decided to venture onto paths unexplored. With the help of R and a trail map completely in Hebrew (ha), I found myself on trails with views of vineyards and vistas. I also met these guys along the way:

wild cat!

Gray fox!


Anonymous said...

did you see any humming bird in the holy land?

Cat said...

Those pics are beautiful! How amazing to see animals like that on your run. Glad you made it back safely :).