Friday, April 8, 2011

So that's kind of pretty, right? With almost 1000 ft in elevation gain, running here in Sabino Canyon probably won't happen again before Boston, which means it won't happen again until I'm back in Tucson. Whenever that will be. Today's 7.5 there was just the way to say goodbye!

As an aside, see the chick in black capris and the Camelback? Her Garmin was beeping, I'm not kidding, every 20 seconds. I counted. TG I was faster than her :)


Cocoa and Friends said...

so where's life taking you these days? you say you're leaving...does that mean you've taken a job somewhere or you have adventures planned? i'm excited to see where the wind blows you :)

Erin said...

No job yet. I'm leaving for an East Coast tour (NYC, Boston, DC) before heading back to the 'Field for a bit :)