Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Back at it...

My legs have been on the dead side the past few days, so I've gone easy on them. Monday I normally work legs with my trainer, but I requested arms instead. I moved yesterday's mileage to today. I decided to run to the gym before today's training session. The weather is finally feeling like spring is coming, so it was nice to be able to enjoy that in the middle of the day. My session was at 11am so I took off at about 10:20 from lab at a nice, easy, relaxed pace. I usually run to the gym by sticking to the streets, making it about a 3.5 mile trip. I decided to run on the path along the East River, figuring it wouldn't add too much on. Well, I was apparently geographically impaired and forgot how much the island bulges out, taking me pretty far east. So, instead it was closer to 5 miles, making me a few minute late for my session. It also meant I jumped right in, without much time to catch my breath, so my ass was definitely kicked. I suppose that's the reason I pay my trainer.

4.9 miles in 41:43 (8:34 min/mile)

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